QGSC Hostel

Your Home Away from Home

QGSC Hostel

At Quaid-e-Azam Group of Schools and Colleges (QGSC), we understand that a comfortable and secure living environment is crucial for the overall well-being and academic success of our students. Our hostels are designed to provide a nurturing atmosphere, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

QGSC Hostel

Amenities You Can Expect

Shared Rooms

Our hostels offer cozy shared rooms that encourage camaraderie among students. Shared living spaces promote friendship and support networks that last a lifetime.

Healthy Dining

We provide three nutritious meals daily, ensuring that students receive balanced and delicious food options. Our spacious dining areas offer a welcoming setting for meals and conversations.

Serene Study Halls

To support focused study and academic success, we provide dedicated study halls equipped with essential resources. Students can immerse themselves in their studies in a quiet and conducive environment.

Recreation Areas

We believe in the importance of relaxation and recreation. Our hostels feature spacious common areas for indoor games, leisure activities, and social gatherings.

Places of Worship

For students who seek spiritual solace, we have designated prayer rooms and mosque within the hostel premises.

QGSC Hostel

Academic Support in Hostels

One of the unique features of our hostel system is the provision of coaching classes led by senior teaching staff members. These classes are designed to support students’ academic progress and provide guidance in their studies.

Study Routine

In the routine hostels, there will be two prep-sessions each weekday evening. These sessions are supervised by the subject teachers and the warden of the house. In the first session the students need to complete any written assignment which they have got for that day. In the second session preparation for the next day test is done. Subject’s teachers are available to them if the students need any help in any subject. Each student’s performance in class Tests is monitored by the Resident Staff of the hostel.

The study routine for the preps-hostels is specially designed to meet the needs of all the students in order to improve their grades. Copies of these schedules are handed over to the parents during the PTM before the start of the hostels and are also available from all the colleges’ offices.

QGSC Hostel

Hostel Categories

We offer hostel facilities for three distinct categories of students

Group 1

Students who are not local to the college’s area and require boarding facilities. Admissions for this group are subject to seat availability in our routine hostels.

Group 2

In cases where students’ examination grades fall below the minimum required level, we offer preparatory hostel schedules. Experienced teachers oversee a focused study schedule until students demonstrate satisfactory performance.

Group 3

As a compulsory requirement, all college students are expected to join the hostel approximately three months before the start of board examinations. This preparatory program, led by experienced teachers, helps students excel in their exams.