Managing Director Message

Education plays a pivotal role in development and improvement of human societies. It is as much important as air is indispensable for the life. It is as much necessary as water for the existence of life. It is as much important as food for growth of the body.

Director Message

The social psychological mental spiritual and intellectual growth of human beings is termed as education. How to provide and offer purposeful education is a very difficult task

Welcome To QGSC

The Quaid-e-Azam Group of Schools & Colleges is providing quality of education and a large number of students are getting education through this institute. The institution offers academic programs in various fields which contribute to its reputation within the community.

Vision & Mission

Our QGSC mission is to educate young generation in a better environment and improve the literacy rate of the area. We aim to produce personalities which would then serve the nation. (inshaAllah).