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School Hostel's

The QPS & C has hostel facility for male students and female students. hostel consists of a number of rooms and every possible facility is provided to the students. A very unique feature of the QPS&C hostel is the coaching classes for the students. These classes are conducted mostly by the senior professors for almost all the subjects which provide an extra advantage to the boarders and help them to prepare themselves for the examination in a better way. Hostel facility is provided in the following three conditions:

Hostel facility is provided in the following three conditions:
  • 1: Group includes students whose residences are located out of District.
  • 2:This Group includes those students whose performance is poor in the internel examinations.
  • 3:The QPS&C Management shall decide during any time of the academic year to ask all the students to join the hostel on compulsory basis to utilize their time for best.

Hostel Rules:

Residence in the QPS&C hostel is a facility provided by the Management and not a right. The QPS&C authorities may refuse accommodation to an applicant.
  • 1: The principal is incharge of overall supervision of the hostel.
  • 2: Smoking using of drungs, keeping of arms and tape records etc are strictly prohibited.
  • 3: Boarders are allowed to go their home on weekend only with the written permission of the wardan.
  • 4: Entertaining guests in the hostel are not allowed.
  • 5: QPS&C Management shall not be responsible for the fate of a student who leaves college or school or hostel withour permission of the concerned authorities.
  • 6: First Aid is available for the borders in case of emergency but incase of serious illness the parents will be liable to meet the expenses extended to their wards by school or college.

Required for School Hostels

  • Mattress 5 1/2 x 2 1/2 (Larger for bigger boys)
  • Rubber Sheet (For class prep and Nursery Only).
  • White bed sheets.
  • white Pillow cases.
  • Pillow
  • Blankets (Thick ones).
  • Towels (Bath size).
  • Jogger shoes and P.T Shoes.
  • Football boots (Service type only where required).
  • Blackshoes (Medium Tow)
  • Toilet requisities (Soap,toothpaste, hair oil, coldcream,Towels,& blackshoe polish)
  • Travelling bag and Trunk with locks.

Schools Hostel Fee Structure

Name Totall Pay
Hostel Admission Per/Year -----
Hostel Services Per/ Month 3,500
Hostel Food Per/ Month 3,000