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School Computer Labs

The computer labs house the best possible furniture and branded computers and monitors. Complete net-working has been done and a 24-hour internet connection is provided.
Internet Facility is provided round the clock under vigilance of experienced IT staff:


All regular students are entitled to use computer lab facilities. The following rules will be strictly observed:
  • Students must use computers carefully. A computer should not be locked when not being used by a particular user. A student must log off when leaving a PC.
  • Eatables and musical devices are strictly prohibited inside the labs.
  • A student must not use someone else’s account and printing quota.
  • Playing games, chatting and SMS are strictly prohibited.
  • Any student found visiting the prohibited websites will be fined heavily.
  • Students are not authorized to install any software on lab PC’s. If need be, they must request lab assistants to install a software.

Internet :

A wireless Internet connection is available. The systems in the labs are provided on first come first served basis. If there are students in the queue, waiting, the lab assistant can limit the usage time, say, half an hour or so at one time.

Printing Policy:

The students will remit at least Rs. 20/- in the accounts office and deposit the receipt in the server room. Every amount deposited will be added to the relevant print accounts by the system Administrator.

Safeguarding Documents/Data

Three drives are made available on every system:
  • Drive A: /- This is a home drive for keeping all personal/ work related documents.