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Managing Director Message

Education plays a pivotal role in development and improvement of human societies. It is as much important as air is indispensable for the life. It is as much necessary as water for the existence of life. It is as much important as food for growth of the body. Societies do flourish with the acquisition of knowledge; whereas knowledge is the resultant force of education. On can never think of knowledge without education and education can never be attained without the concept of a teacher. Buildings, of whatever nature and level they may be, can never be erected without clear vision and subsequent design of an architect. Educational institutions are the canvases, on which the teachers are used to design societies with his clear and sharp vision. If a teacher has a clear and sharp vision, then he can mould his students and contribute best minds to the society, which in their turn, give rise to power, peace and prosperity. Unfortunately, if a teacher himself is unaware of his responsibilities and do not possess any vision then how he can draw and design future of the nation as is the case with our ill fated nation.
We are trapped in vicious circle of ignorance. We need immense force of knowledge to break this vicious circle and get rid of it; it is not an impossible phenomena yet it is difficult too. For this purpose we must change our behaviors as a teacher, as a parent, as a student, as a political leader, as a policy maker, as a government and as a public. The current situation in the country is not only a grave but in its worst kind. This worst kind of situation can be ameliorated through knowledge and knowledge can be achieved through purposeful education.
The management of The Quaid-e-Azam Group of schools and colleges has sensed the smell and timely worked out plans for guidance and re-tracking the de- tracked nation on right directions. It has a clear and vivid vision, how to pull the nation from deep and blind well.
It planted the first sapling in the field of education in April 1992 at Zaida Distt: Swabi. No one at that time knew that this delicate sapling will grow stronger and assume the shape of a strenuous tree, having several robust and evergreen branches. By the grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH, now the group has three Montessori sections, six campuses up to secondary level for boys and girls, five inter colleges for boys and girls at Zaida, Swabi, Mardan & Peshawar catering for the educational requirements of 5000 students, with full devotion, dedication and zeal. Our performance is crystal clear from the results of examinations conducted by BISE Peshawar, and Mardan during the period 1995-2012. Our senior students have already stepped into the practical life and serving the nation in different walks of life, i.e. health, engineering, army, banking, education etc. We feel proud of our ex and current students. We are striving hard to disseminate knowledge through purposeful education, we wish our nation to achieve power through knowledge and bring harmony, peace and prosperity in the region we live in.
We are confident that INSHALLAH very soon, our youth will act sensibly and try to achieve knowledge at any cost and with the help of powerful force of knowledge, be able to break the vicious circle of ignorance and lit the candles of knowledge for common masses.

Matloob Ahmad Khan
M.D The Quaid-E-Azam Group of Schools & Colleges, KP