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Our Montessori System

THE QUAID-E-AZAM MONTESSORI SCHOOL SYSTEM was founded with the goal of offering a high-quality, authentic Montessori education to students of all interests, backgrounds and abilities. Our mission is to address the needs of the whole child, academically, socially and emotionally, by providing a high-quality Montessori education in an environment that fosters a child’s love of learning and respect for self, others, community and the world. This mission is what drives our community and our philosophy of education as we prepare our students for exemplary secondary education experiences and for a lifetime love of learning and academic success.

Why choose "The Q.G of Montessori System"

All children have an innate drive and ability to learn. The educational community should follow the child and meet each child’s needs.• Each child has a preferred learning style and progresses at an individual rate. The teacher must assess the child in an ongoing way and facilitate growth by challenging the learner. The role of the teacher is to facilitate learning in a safe, secure, stimulating environment that promotes freedom of choice, encourages trial of new experiences and promotes learning.