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College Science Labs - Physics/Chemistry/Biology

The QPS & C has will-funished and highly equipped laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology. Qualified teachers are available for the guidance of the students. Students are grouped for the practical purposes so that each individual could have an equal opportunity to learn the practical applications of their courses of study.

Rules to be followed:

Students must
  • come prepared to the laboratory to perform experiments;
  • not work in the laboratory in the absence of the instructor.
  • perform only those experiments which are authorized by the instructor;
  • read Labels and equipment instructions carefully before use;
  • handle with care the glassware, chemicals and instruments;
  • not bring food inside the labs.
  • keep work stations neat and clean.
  • report any damage or breakage to lab assistant immediately;
  • be economical in the use of chemicals, gas and water.
  • not taste any chemical or solution. It might be poisonous.
  • wash with large quantities of water but do not rub In case of any spills or spatter of chemicals on clothing, skin or eyes; report to the teacher immediately.
  • handle all living organisms used in the laboratory in a humane manner.
  • use disposable gloves and forceps during dissection to prevent physical contact.