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Director Message

The social psychological mental spiritual and intellectual growth of human beings is termed as education. How to provide and offer purposeful education is a very difficult task. Those who provide such type of education are doing a spiritual job. The education that is being offered here in Pakistan is lacking in a number of aspects. It is faced with the number of obstacles and hurdles on various fronts. The quality of education offered, the exams that are conducted, the teacher that are selected, the status of the teacher that wee see and the salary packages that they are getting are for below the standards of the developed and even the developing countries.
This is a sorrowful situation and has to be dealt with sympathetically. In such a tragic situation the Quaid-e-Azam group of schools and colleges makes tremendous efforts for uplifting this noble cause with minimum and meager resources. The Quaid-e-Azam group of schools and colleges has been showing tremendous results for the last ten years.
Ten to fifteen students happen to make room in top twenty each year with one to three in the top slot. This proves the greatness and distinction of the institute as well as the honest and committed staff. May God bless us with courage and steadfastness to do up to the best in the days to come.

Mr. Asad Qaisar
The Quaid-E-Azam Group of Schools & Colleges.